5 Prinsip Legal Audit Asset

How do you solve the legal problems you face? A corporate lawyer is required to be able to resolve all legal issues that arise, including the ability to prepare legal opinions and properly and correctly review existing legal issues. The purpose of the legal review itself in general is to assess the level of security of the company, especially with regard to aspects of legal risk that may harm the assets owned by the company. This legal review is then the basis for the client`s review to make a decision on the next steps in relation to the transaction to be made. This course will take place on Friday, January 28, 2022 at 15:00 until the end. The interesting and important thing about this course is that there will be a workout. Thus, not only will knowledge increase, but also gain practical skills and capabilities to perform legal audits. In a legal context, we speak of an act called legal examination. Legal auditing is a legally in-depth audit activity performed by legal counsel on the company or the subject matter of the transaction in order to obtain important information or facts that may describe the condition of a company or transaction object. In a growing company, one of the most important activities to perform is to perform an audit.

The audit itself is an audit in the broad sense, the meaning of which is the assessment of an organization, system, process or product. The purpose of the audit is essentially to verify that the subject matter of the audit was conducted in accordance with approved and accepted standards, regulations and practices. When do you have other knowledge and skills in legal audits? Hurry up and sign up! The cost starts at Rs 50,000 To better understand the legal audit process, a legal expert or potential legal expert should carefully consider the steps required to conduct a legal review. To gain this knowledge and practical skills, you can do so by reading various books or journals available or by taking the online course [Virtual Short Course] Legal Due Diligence and Legal Opinion: Risk Mitigation Strategies for Corporations. To perform an audit, a legal advisor conducts a legal review in at least 6 ways, namely: For companies that develop and have significant business transactions, legal review is an inevitable need, especially in the decision-making process to carry out securities transactions. 6. Principles of Openness and Materiality in Legal Advice and Legal Examination This course is taught by Andhika Prayoga, an employee with a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Intelligence from the University of Indonesia. He currently works as an expert in law and public order at the Central Secretariat of Level One Data Indonesia at the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas. The legal audit is an activity of the process of evaluating data and facts between the transactions carried out by the company / bank with other parties in order to assess the level of banking security, especially with regard to the aspect of legal risk that will ultimately jeopardize the assets of the bank, which will be presented in the audit report on opinions and suggestions for improvement. The legal audit itself consists of at least 4 phases, namely: 1.

Development of economic and legal policy in the business world 8. Case studies and simulations of legal opinions and preparation of the legal exam 3. Processes, methods, terms and conditions, uses and purposes of legal advice and legal review 5. Implementation, violation of legal notices and legal review documents.